Wood Shied wood stain for sale at Osoyoos Home Building Centre.

Doing the prep work before staining is the key to a successful lasting finish. Check out these staining tips and other paint product information here.

Regardless of any other preparation already performed (sanding, stripping etc.) any mildew on wood should be treated with Natura Mildew Off. This kills the spores in the top layers of the wood & helps prevent regrowth.

New Wood
Open the surface of the wood & remove the mill glaze by sanding with 80 grit sandpaper or use Wood Shield Wood Restorer.

Bare, Aged Wood
Use Natura Wood Prep or Wood•Shield Wood Restorer or sand completely with 80 grit sandpaper to remove all dead fibre and remove dust.

Previously Stained Wood In Good Shape, Re-coating With A Solid Stain
Remove all loose stain, sand any bare spots & remove dust.

Peeling Stain Or Paint
When recoating with a semi-transparent or solid stain remove old coatings completely with Natura Safe Strip or sand to bare wood and remove dust.

Re-coating With A Semi-Transparent Stain
To create a beautiful appearance every time, the wood should be stripped bare by using Natura Safe Strip or sanding & removing dust before coating. Note: A semi-transparent stain can be applied directly over a previous coat of semi-transparent stain providing the previous stain is sound and is similar or lighter in colour.

Switching From Paint To Stain
Use Natura Safe Strip or sand the wood completely bare & remove dust.

Water Repellant Sealer Previously Applied
Use Natura Safe Strip to remove sealer or sand the wood completely & remove dust. To test the
surface for porosity, mist water onto it from a spray bottle, if it absorbs quickly, so will your stain. Use a moisture meter, available at your local Home Hardware Store, to make certain that the wood’s moisture content is <25% when using the Wood Shield Best 100% Acrylic Stain & the Wood Shield Best Acrylic/Alkyd Stain & <15% when using all other stains.

Semi-Transparent Stain
Semi-transparent stain enhances the natural grain of the wood with a translucent finish. Different types of wood have distinct colour and texture differences. These differences can be highlighted with this type of stain. Semi-transparent stain colour applied on pine, spruce, pressure treated, cedar or redwood will appear different due to the difference in the wood colour. Note: A semi-transparent stain can be applied directly over a previous coat of semi-transparent providing the existing stain is similar or lighter in colour. Any bare areas where stain has worn, the new stain may appear different in colour. Wood Shield Semi-Transparent stains are available in 60 beautiful colours.

Solid Stain
Solid stains have a similar appearance to paint but they penetrate the surface as opposed to a paint film. They provide an opaque film on wood but allow the texture of the wood to show. Even though solid stains appear like paint they do have different qualities. Solid stains are ideal for use on previously stained surfaces when a colour change is desired or when an opaque finish is desired. Wood•Shield solid stains are available in thousands of colours.