Your local Osoyoos Home Building Centre is offering customers a Parking Lot Pick Up and Go Service in response to COVID-19.

How to participate in the Parking Lot Pick Up and Go – 3 Easy Steps:

Detailed Steps of Parking Lot Pick Up and Go

1. Visit and choose Osoyoos Home Building Centre as MY STORE from the store locator page – see 1st photo to right

2. Search for the products you require

3. Choose a specific product and check our store’s stock online to see if we have inventory available

4. If our store shows that the product is in stock:

  • Add the product name and item number to a list
    EG. White Spring-Top Garbage Can – Item: # 4435031 – see 2nd photo to right

5. Add any additional items that aren’t listed online to your list and we will find them in store

6. You can:

a. Email (include your phone number) your order to OR

b. Call your order in to 1-250-495-7300

    • We will reply to your email by phone to collect your credit card information and to provide an order confirmation and estimated pick up time
    • A staff member will ring in your order in our point of sale system and create your invoice using the ‘credit card not present’ function
      • (Staff will verify signature of credit card upon pick up of your order – PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR ID & CREDIT CARD)
    • There will be designated pick up parking spots upon your arrival at 12 Empire St.

When you are parked in a designated pick up parking spot:

    • A staff member will approach your vehicle to retrieve your name and confirmation number
      • Staff members will be wearing latex gloves and will maintain a distance of 6 feet from your vehicle


    • Call the number in the designated parking stall and provide staff with your name and confirmation number

7. Staff member will retrieve your order from the store and bring it to your car

8. Staff member will return with 2 copies of the receipt on a clipboard

9. You will need to sign the merchant copy of credit card slip

10. Staff member will sanitize pen

11. Staff member will visually check signature against ID and signature on back of credit card

12. You will take your customer receipt from clipboard

– No physical contact

13. Staff member will sanitize clipboard and latex glove covered hands

14. Staff member will take signed merchant copy to till for filing

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Preventative measures taken by Home Hardware during the COVID-19 pandemic.